Our History

The fairytale of Polli, an Italian brand that made history

Fausto Polli

Produces and packages typical specialties of the Italian culinary tradition. In the years preceding the unification of Italy, modern needs and requirements began to assert themselves and food production began using the technologies of the time, in particular those of food preservation. Realizing the potential of the canned market, Fausto Polli begins to invest in the cultivation and conservation of tomatoes.

Unmistakably Polli

In those years, literacy was still low and many people were unable to distinguish the products they wanted to buy. That is why, to make them unmistakable, the first Polli-branded stockfish and tomato preserves started being sold in the famous “eagle box”, which soon became a symbol for quality on all Italian tables.

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The First Polli Outlet Finally Opened In The Very Heart Of Milan

That year, a craftsman’s passion turned into an actual legal entity. The Polli company was formally born. A family’s commitment took on the shape of a tangible business project, and very soon, a successful industrial enterprise.

The Entry Into The World Of Italian Industry

After the war, Giuseppe Polli, Fausto’s grandson, took over an old industrial facility for canned meat production in Monsummano Terme and founded the first Polli facility. Industrial production began, using the most advanced technologies for processing and preserving vegetables.

Export: Polli Worldwide

With the increased competition, the Polli company differentiated its offering of products on the market, with new and flavoursome varieties of vinegar and oil pickles… And export abroad indeed began with these new product ranges.

Mass Retail

After establishing itself on the international market, the company decided to focus on mass retail, further broadening its product range and using twist-off caps for its jars. Since then, Polli products have been enjoyed by all Italians.

Polli on tv

In the boom years, Polli made its debut in television communication. Who can forget the very first ad of the “Polli submarine”?

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140 Years Of Love For The Land

To celebrate the fairytale of a company that has made Italian history in the sector, the new Polli generation launched the photo-storytelling project “140 years of love for the land” with photos by Nino Migliori and Ferdinando Scianna, and texts by Antonio Pascale.

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4e4 Orto: The Newborn In The Polli Household

The Polli company has always been able to evolve and differentiate its products based on Italians’ evolving taste… And because the new generations have new needs, 4e4 Orto vegan bruschettas and sauces were born.


In Italy just like anywhere else, the aperitif has become a cultural phenomenon, and for a while a modern way of having dinner with friends at home: no formalities, easy dishes to make and whet your appetites.  That’s how Melimangio was born: a melange of flavours and colours to add fun, taste and originality to all your happy hours at home.

Valbona Acquisition

In 2019 Polli acquired the factory and brands from Valbona (located in Lozzo Atestino, Padua province), increasing its productive capacity by double digits and, together with the opening of subsidiaries in France, Germany and UK in 2018, representing the ambitious and courageous path that Polli is designing to keep growing in Italy and abroad, as representative of the Italian excellence in the vegetable preserves and sauces, markets.

Add a pesto to the table!

Polli introduces a whole new collection of high quality Pesti, suitable for seasoning first courses, bruschette and enriching dishes of all kinds! They are all made from carefully selected raw materials, including fresh Italian basil processed within 24 hours of harvesting, Italian cheeses, and selected pine nuts. Try them all!

Italian Historical Brand

An Italian enterprise with a strong link to the region and, most importantly, 150 years of history. These are the qualities that have qualified F.lli Polli for inclusion in the registry of Historical Brands of National Interest, a distinguished certification established by the Ministry of Economic Development to conserve Italian excellence and promote Made in Italy, innovation and sustainability.

Certified Basil Supply Chain

F.lli Polli received Controlled Basil Supply Chain accreditation in 2021. “Innovation and raw material quality,” said Manuela Polli, Head of Corporate Strategy&Development Polli Spa, “these are the attributes that characterise Fratelli Polli’s history and business success.” This significant accreditation provides further assurance to our consumers because the food they purchase is the result of a process that is monitored and controlled right from the start and throughout the entire supply chain.”

Polli Innovation

Polli has always taken care to anticipate new consumer needs as they emerge in the Italian and international markets. As a result, new lines of legumes Pronti and Conditi – ready to eat, a line of Plant-based seasonings for a more attentive and health-conscious target, and another of Squeezy Pesti, delightful dressings to add a gourmet touch to all homemade preparations, have been introduced. The future, on the other hand, will be no less. We are continuing our efforts to encourage entrance into new categories that are plainly related to veggies but have a major innovation edge.

Polli’s 150th Anniversary

Courage, fairness and constancy have carried 150 years of history ahead. Polli remains present on Italian tables with the goal of establishing memories that can provide moments of delight and sharing even after a long period. To commemorate the legend of a firm that has made history in Italy, the sixth Polli generation, all female, has developed the Orto in città Polli project, which aims to share the extraordinary reality of a vegetable garden with urban inhabitants in a social and informative setting.

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