Our Values

Excellence starts from who we are!

Consistent Quality

From the land to our hands, and from our hands to your table. We have always made our products in harmony with nature and its seasons. The ingredients used in Polli products are selected and checked to ensure that each jar or package offers all the Italian expertise that has set us apart since 1872. For us quality also means uncompromising flavour and recipes, open to new ingredients and condiments bursting with creativity.

Significant Innovation

We use the most modern technologies to process 25,000 tonnes of vegetables and produce more than 110 million packages each year. We adopt an ongoing improvement approach, based onproduct innovation, because the most rewarding successes are those that still lie ahead of us. The desire for innovation is a part of who we are, as we take our cue from the needs of our Italian and international consumers, increasingly converging on the traits our brand is known for: flavour, quality, well-being and conviviality.

Food Safety

Quality and innovation can only be achieved by performing controls at every stage of the production cycle. Each year we carry out numerous checks to assure the utmost quality of your dishes. The care and attention we devote to our work every day have earned us the most important quality certifications.


We have been awarded the prestigious ISCC (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) certification and one of our missions is to promote renewable energy produced from plant biomass. For us, sustainability is also a commitment towards our customers — we have been supplying the main national and international distributors for over 20 years — as well as towards our employees and our families.

Supply Chain Control

To ensure our products are excellent and always up to the standards required by your dishes, we select suppliers on the basis of the regions from which each of our ingredients is traditionally sourced. We use as many as 41 varieties of vegetables, 85% of which are grown in open fields, respecting their rhythms and seasons as nature demands and processing fresh produce. For our products we always prefer the finest Italian ingredients, such as artichokes from Puglia and Sicily, carrots from Fucino, mushrooms grown in Treviso and basil from Liguria. Our more than 30-years-long partnerships with many of our suppliers guarantee the quality of the ingredients and control over the supply chain, which have always been one of our company’s strengths.

Ethical Code

Being a company with over 100 years of history implies great responsibility towards our consumers, our customers and above all our people, who work with passion every day to make our reality even more competitive. Business ethics is a key aspect of all the activities we carry out, each industrial process is based on values such as transparency, fairness, loyalty and respect that we believe are essential for sustainable and responsible growth, without compromise.

Our code of ethics

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