#Polliwithyou since 1872.




Emblematic of the Mediterranean diet, they are the inevitable companions of every aperitif and a precious ingredient for your recipes.

Oil Pickles and Hors d'Oeuvres

sottoli e antipasti

First quality Italian vegetables carefully prepared and preserved in oil, for snacks and appetizers suitable for any occasion.

No Oil

sottoli e antipasti

The classic Polli prepared without oil, to leave room for the imagination and give a light and natural taste to your dishes.

Vinegar and Sweet-and-Sour Pickles


Vegetables preserved in vinegar according to the Italian tradition, to give a touch of flavor to each recipe.



Genuine ingredients and simple recipes to dress your first courses and make them delicious with a single gesture.

Jumbo Sizes


The timeless pickles and pickles Polli in family size to have so much more taste in your pantries.