Mixed flavoured olives
A colourful mix of 3 whole Greek olives: Kalamon, Halkidiki, and Amphissa. Traditionally seasoned with pepper, garlic, and parsley, for an authentic Mediterranean taste!

You can't have just one: share these olives with friends for your dinner party's appetiser. Once you've tried one, you can't resist another... they're so delicious your friends will be eating one after another leaving you more time to cook!

Did you know... Olives are not vegetables, they're actually a 'drupe' which is a type of stone fruit produced by the beloved olive tree. Although olives are have always been associated with Mediterranean people, historically characterising their diets, they are actually a food of the future. Rich in minerals, olives have energising and restorative properties, promote a healthy appetite, and support digestion. Rich in phenols, they help prevent cardiovascular diseases and have a strong antioxidant effect, acting as a remedy against oxidative stress on your body and skin.

Average nutritional values for 100g of product

Energy value

kJ 547 kcal 131


g 13,2 of which satures g 2,2


g 0,5 of which sugars g 0


g 3,2


g 0,9


g 2,8

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