Cooking aids
Sun-dried tomato in tray
Sun-dried tomatoes in strips are a difficult proposal to refuse: to enrich a salad, a dressing, a sandwich or even, simply, to enjoy a and indulge. They are tasty, crunchy, full of flavour and sliced as each fillet is a little masterpiece of taste!

Tips from our chef: Gourmet sandwich with dried tomatoes
A quick snack for those who love the freshness and completeness of a sandwich that includes all the nutrients. The ingredients: bread, 2 slices of raw ham, 50g of stracchino, 5 dried tomatoes. Spread the stracchino on the bread, add the slices of raw ham and dried tomatoes. If you want, complete with a slice of fresh lettuce and a grind of pepper.

They are available in two single 60g recyclable plastic trays, one size
practical to always keep in the pantry: no glass, no oil, just the essentials for cooking!

Average nutritional values for 100g of product

Energy value

674 kJ / 163 kcal


11,9g of which satures1,4g


7g of which sugars 6,4g







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