Cooking aids
Whole mushrooms in tray
Whole mushrooms are perfect for making many different recipes whenever you want!
They arrive on your table already clean: for the mushrooms to release all its taste, they are washed and cleaned gently, so you can cook without worries and enjoy the process.

You no longer have to waste time blanching the mushrooms before you can use them, our chefs have already blanched them at the perfect temperature, to make them soft and tasty with every bite!
The mushrooms are stored directly without oil to be immediately ready for use, they do not contain preservatives and retain all their purity.

You can buy them in two single 60g recyclable trays in plastic: a practical format to keep in the pantry: no glass, no oil, just what you need to cook!

Average nutritional values for 100g of product

Energy value

158 kJ / 38 kcal


2,3g of which satures 0,3g


0,5g of which sugars 0,2g







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