Artful Products!

Everyone really likes them: the natural flavour of conviviality!

Faithful companions of aperitifs with friends and precious ingredient for your recipes, your pantry should never be without them.

The Italian-style hors d’oeuvre is the king of family meals: excellent vegetables preserved simply to accompany cold cuts and cheese boards, to start the meal under the banner of hearty flavours.

The best fresh vegetables are processed and preserved according to Italian tradition, to enjoy the natural goodness of Polli products all year round.

A toast to the aperitif! Amaze your friends with a creative assortment of enticing and innovative appetisers! The best Italian olives, combined with delicious and intriguing oil pickles recipes.

Fresh and selected ingredients to dress your rice salads: summer dishes for picnics or office lunch boxes, tasty and irresistible novelties to suit all tastes.

Mediterranean flavours meet bruschettas for a creative aperitif that all your friends will love. What is more, 3 Vegan OK sauces for last-minute pasta dishes!

Our products preserved without any oil, so they can be savoured straight, added to delicious salads or seasoned as you like, as appetising sides to your second courses.

The wealth of Italian recipes combined with our vegetable preserves, give rise to appetising recipes rich with aromatic ingredients, to enrich your dishes.

Who doesn’t love pasta? Polli pestos and condiments are simple recipes made with wholesome ingredients, processed when fresh: basil, pine kernels, courgettes... all of summer’s bounty on your table.

If the family is large these jars are just the right thing for you: our classic oil and vinegar pickles, but in convenient one-kilo jars, to give you so much more flavour.