Bolognese Ragù with Soy


Making a vegan ragù was not all that easy, but the result is delicious!

Excellent, all-Italian tomato and the whole magical skill of long-braised Bolognese ragù: with carrots, onions, celery and red wine, thyme, marjoram and bay leaf, but... meatless, with a soy ragù.

An innovative sauce that will tickle the taste buds of vegans as well as omnivores, because it has the whole flavour and aroma of a real ragù, the one that is cooked painstakingly slowly, with slowly simmered sauce.

The aromatic herbs and spices, typical of the original recipe, delights the taste buds and adds a bit of zing to the slightly neutral taste of soy. With this sauce we have achieved an excellently palatable texture, that will bring to its best advantage your favourite fresh pasta.

You will not believe your taste buds!

AVERAGE NUTRITIONAL values per 100g of product

290KJ/70KCAL3,4g of which saturated 0,4g4,2g of which sugars 2,6g2,3g4,4g1,13g
FATS3,4g of which saturated 0,4g
CARBS4,2g of which sugars 2,6g

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