Pesto with Tofu


A great classic of Italian regional cuisine – everyone loves Genoese pesto.

We have reinterpreted it with innovative ingredients such as tofu, obviously without giving up the extraordinary, all-Italian scent of basil, to make it an excellent Vegan OK product, ideal for followers of the vegan philosophy but delicious also for those in search of variations on the theme.

Ideal with gnocchi and durum wheat penne, it is a dish worthy of a cookery book if tossed with fresh trofie pasta with the addition of courgettes or string beans. Make it for an informal dinner al fresco, at the seaside, in the summer and enjoy its fresh scent, the classic taste you expect from a home-made pesto, as it used to be done.

AVERAGE NUTRITIONAL values per 100g of product

1268KJ/307KCAL29,7g of which saturated 3,1g5,2g of which sugars 3,9g2,8g3,4g1,94g
FATS29,7g of which saturated 3,1g
CARBS5,2g of which sugars 3,9g

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