Red Pesto with Tofu


An innovative, completely Vegan and gluten-free pesto, made with basil, walnuts, tofu, sun-dried tomatoes.

A true delicacy, perfect to toss with a piping hot dish of spaghetti, for sun-dried tomatoes or to make tofu creamy, which lends body to this sauce together with the walnuts.

This product has indeed been developed to reduce the distance between omnivores and vegans: with 4e4orto everyone can enjoy delicious Vegan products, that make full use of the flavours and wonderful combinations of vegetables.

No more fighting or bickering at the table! The scent of basil, together with the other bold-flavoured ingredients, will win omnivores over, and bring peace in the home. That’s exactly why we made it so delicious, so it could be appreciated by all: it is our speciality to develop innovative flavours in keeping with Italian traditional cuisine.

AVERAGE NUTRITIONAL values per 100g of product

1012KJ/245KCAL22,4g of which saturated 2,3g6,4g of which sugars 4,7g2,1g3,4g1,94g
FATS22,4g of which saturated 2,3g
CARBS6,4g of which sugars 4,7g

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