Aperitivo Italiano... bite the aperitif!

Grilled Red
Chicory with Walnuts

Aperixology: Hugo
The sophisticated taste of grilled radicchio combined with the aroma of extra virgin olive oil and the crunchiness of the walnuts. Evenings with friends have a different taste.

Shallot with
Mustard in Grains

Aperixology: Pina Colada
Mustard and balsamic vinegar to enhance the shallot with sweet and sour notes: the delicate and round taste makes it tastefully original. For an exclusive aperitif.

Grilled Peppers
with Green Olives

Aperixology: Spritz
A summer barbecue classic: sweet peppers. Grilled to the right point and accompanied by green olives, to give a Mediterranean touch to your table.

Super Hot
Round Peppers

Aperixology: Gin Tonic
An aperitif for brave: small chilli peppers, red and green, with a superspicy flavor. Those who love strong tastes can not help but. For others, let yourself be helped by a nice piece of cheese!

Sweet Drop

Aperixology: Sex on the beach
Sweet peppers and pineapples in a bittersweet mix that surprises the palate. The spicy aftertaste makes them even more appealing. The taste of modernity.

Seasoned Taggiasche

Aperixology: Americano
Ligurian olives seasoned with oregano: one pulls the other. Small and with a naturally bitter taste, they are ideal to taste both alone and as an ingredient for tasty recipes.

Nocellara olives
with Sliced Peppers

Aperixology: Margarita
Sicilian olives very large and tasty, the typical aperitif! Seasoned with a julienne of red and yellow peppers, they are a pleasure to enjoy even with the eyes.

Grilled artichokes
with Candied Orange

Aperixology: Mojito
Selection of artichokes prepared with candied orange and bay leaf. Refined flavours and details intertwine with each other, for a decidedly delicious result. The right choice for a tasteful aperitif.

Pitted Peranzana

Aperixology: Cosmopolitan
The most delicious olives of the Tavoliere delle Puglie, already stoned and ready to be tasted. Seasoned in brine, they have a strong and refined taste. For those who love traditions.

Hot Olives
Belle di Cerignola

Aperixology: Negroni
Apulian olives renowned for their high quality, in a version with a spicy soul. Tasty and good-looking, they will be the protagonists of your aperitif. They can be addictive.

Sundried Tomatoes
with Capers

Aperixology: Long Island
One of the best and most tasty delicacies of the culinary experience of the country. In the company of the ever-present capers, it will seem to taste the same tomatoes that your grandmother made you when you were a child.

Grilled Mushrooms
with sliced Peppers

Aperixology: Martini Dry
Grilled nuggets flavoured with a pleasant combination with a julienne of peppers. Excellent to enjoy both in the pan and in the natural, to light up the flavor. Intense character.