Cocktails with Grilled Peppers with Green Olives

Grilled Peppers with Green Olives


Choice, 100% Italian sweet peppers, picked at the right point of ripeness, to assure sweetness and crunchiness at the same time.

Fleshy peppers, the wonderful flavour cloaked in nature’s finest colours.

Orange, red, yellow, the colours of the sun and the sweet flavour of grilled peppers together with the savoury, slightly bitter flavour of olives.

Our peppers are the ideal companions of a slice of toasted bread to serve a healthy and fancy appetiser; they are also excellent served with fresh bread and savoury cheeses, or as a side to a sweet, milk-flavoured buffalo mozzarella or to a creamy robiola.

Wash them down with a properly chilled beer, to lightly brush against the spiciness and cool down the taste buds with its slightly bitter aftertaste.

Our Aperitivo Italiano peppers, however, can also be combined with a white wine with good structure and body, properly chilled and acidic and with an aromatic bouquet of plant and tropical fruit scents: choose Alto Adige Terlano, Verdicchio of Matelica or Contea of Sclafani Inzolia. That will be a memorable aperitif with your friends. And for bubble lovers, Prosecco is just perfect.

AVERAGE NUTRITIONAL values per 100g of product

399KJ/96KCAL5,8g of which saturated 0,7g8,9g of which sugars 8,2g2,7g0,7g1,87g
FATS5,8g of which saturated 0,7g
CARBS8,9g of which sugars 8,2g

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