Cocktails with Grilled Red Chicory with Walnuts

Grilled Red Chicory with Walnuts


This recipe is truly innovative and offers as an appetiser a principal ingredient of northern Italian cuisine, such as red radicchio, in a scrumptious combination with walnuts.

An enveloping and original flavour, for real gourmands, for a happy hour at home with friends or as a sophisticated hors d’oeuvre to start a dinner for two.

Unleash your imagination, be inspired by our products, serve this Aperitivo Italiano Radicchio and Walnuts with toasted, warm wholemeal bread, with some sweet robiola cheese, contrasting flavours and textures that will amaze your guests.

Enjoy it with a casual and original cocktail like Hugo. From the classic soul, made of prosecco, and from the original character given by the flowers of elderberry, it refreshes and softens the bitterness of the radicchio. Hugo creates the perfect match for the most demanding palates.

AVERAGE NUTRITIONAL values per 100g of product

333KJ/81KCAL01,7g of which saturated 0,9g1,5g of which sugars 1,5g2,8g1,3g2,4g
FATS01,7g of which saturated 0,9g
CARBS1,5g of which sugars 1,5g

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