Cocktails with Seasoned Taggiasche Olives

Seasoned Taggiasche Olives


With our Aperitivo Italiano range, we aimed at offering the best Italian products for appetisers: olives from many Italian regions, all delicious!

Taggiasche olives are typically grown on the Ligurian west coast and their origin is in the town of Taggia in the Imperia area, where they were first farmed, apparently from grafts produced by the monks of the monastery on the island of Lerino.

These olives are very tasty, with a naturally bitter flavour, and are used to produce some of the best extra virgin olive oil in the world.

They are small, with a natural colour and really tasty. One leads to another, and they are often served with aperitifs in the trendiest bars. Therefore they are the right choice for an aperitif with friends at home.

They are perfect served in a small bowl with a cocktail fork, paired with medium aged cheeses, such as a fine Tuscan Pecorino or diced caciotta. They go very well with a Strolghino salami sliced not too thinly and good farmhouse bread.

In terms of wine pairings, these typical products should be served with wine from the same area, to create a balanced harmony of scents and flavours: we can recommend a fruity Vermentino Riviera Ligure di Ponente Doc or a more structured Pigato.

The important thing is for the wine to have a soft taste, to avoid overwhelming the savoury and intense aroma of these olives.

Taggiasche olives also go very well with beer, either lager or bitter and with all fruity cocktails. So pair them as you like, with more traditional or more colourful drinks, your aperitif at home will in any case be excellent!

AVERAGE NUTRITIONAL values per 100g of product

796KJ/194KCAL 19,5g of which saturated 3,1g 0,9g of which sugars 0,1g 4,0g 1,6g 2,67g
FATS 19,5g of which saturated 3,1g
CARBS 0,9g of which sugars 0,1g
FIBER 4,0g
SALT 2,67g

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