Cocktails with Shallot with Mustard in Grains

Shallot with Mustard in Grains

The magic ingredient in the kitchens of the greatest Chefs, shallot has recently established itself as an alternative to onion and garlic in modern recipes and we offer this original recipe to savour it as an appetiser. It is ideal for an aperitif, tasty, fancy as well as conducive to socialising: its taste is milder than onion, yet more aromatic, with slight garlicky hints.

Yet, unlike garlic, its taste does not linger on the palate, so it does not give you unpleasant breath. We preserved it in a sweet and sour pickle, with Modena IGP balsamic vinegar and mustard seeds and a pinch of sugar to give it that sweet-sour note that makes it so moreish. You may even serve it warm, to bring out the aroma of mustard and the flavour of shallot even more; ideal on crunchy farmhouse bread, paired with mould-rind or sweet cheeses.

It is wonderful with fresh home-made hummus, made with chickpeas, tahini, fresh shallots, lemon juice and sweet paprika. The flavor above the scales will be perfectly enhanced by a sweet and enveloping cocktail like the Piña Colada. Its persistent flavor replaces the agrodolce evanescence of the shallot, creating a refined and fanciful mix.


AVERAGE NUTRITIONAL values per 100g of product

183KJ/43KCAL 0,2g of which saturated 0,1g 8,2g of which sugars 8,0g 2,0g 0,6g 1,92g
FATS 0,2g of which saturated 0,1g
CARBS 8,2g of which sugars 8,0g
FIBER 2,0g
SALT 1,92g

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