Cocktails with Sundried Tomatoes with Capers

Sundried Tomatoes with Capers

Tomatoes are a wonderful vegetable, its divine taste has always been appreciated... and tomatoes growing in the Mediterranean area are the best! Aperitivo Italiano appetiser with sun-dried tomatoes and capers: the taste of summer is served.

Make a scrumptious appetiser for your friends by adding slices of buffalo mozzarella, extra virgin olive oil and freshly ground black pepper.

With their intense and mouthwatering taste, Aperitivo Italiano sun-dried tomatoes with capers are excellent with a typical Sicilian wine: one of the recommended pairings is with Inzolia, a soft, well-balanced Sicilian white wine just slightly savoury, that goes well with the tartness of the tomatoes and the spices in this preserve.

For cocktail lovers, we recommend a refreshing Long Island, which with its citrus note enhances the all-Mediterranean taste of this Aperitivo Italiano. Its decisive character and summer taste bring a little sun into every home.

Should your friends develop an appetite, roughly chop our tomatoes with capers using a mezzaluna knife, pour 500 gr of fresh orecchiette in boiling water and toss them with the minced tomatoes, add salted ricotta, pine kernels and extra virgin olive oil and enjoy the best flavours the Mediterranean has to offer.


AVERAGE NUTRITIONAL values per 100g of product

805KJ/194KCAL 13,9g of which saturated 1,6g 10,6g of which sugars 7,6g 6,4g 3,5g 2,58g
FATS 13,9g of which saturated 1,6g
CARBS 10,6g of which sugars 7,6g
FIBER 6,4g
SALT 2,58g

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