Cocktails with Super Hot Round Peppers

Super Hot Round Peppers

Hot cherry chilli peppers are generally preserved filled with tuna or anchovies. The filling helps quench their heat somewhat. We offer them on their own for lovers of the strongest flavoured cuisine to fully appreciate their potency.

We have defined it ‘super-hot’ because it reminds us of extra hot Mexican chilli peppers: this will be the favourite Aperitivo Italiano by lovers of ‘macho’ appetisers with a strong personality. Apparently, in fact, women have much more receptive taste buds to spicy flavours than men, therefore chilli peppers are ‘genetically’ preferred by men.

These Aperitivo Italiano look like harmless green and red cherries, but once you take the first bite, they will require the support of a nice piece of cheese! As a matter of fact, you should be advised that drinking after eating something very spicy will do nothing but exacerbate the heat: it’s much better to eat a bit of cheese, because casein stops capsaicin absorption – that is, the molecule that creates the heat – at the level of taste receptors.

Therefore.... arrange a nice cheese board and some farmhouse bread next to our chilli peppers! The vinegar pickle, with only a pinch of sugar added, is the best way to preserve the original crunchiness and flavour, fully enhancing the spiciness. They are perfect with a Gin Tonic, the fresh and dry cocktail par excellence. Its firm and persistent flavor, mingling with the intense one of the peppers, creates an aperitif with a strong flavor and unique character.

AVERAGE NUTRITIONAL values per 100g of product

92KJ/22KCAL 0,2g of which saturated 0,0g 0,4g of which sugars 0,4g 5,8g 0,6g 1,87g
FATS 0,2g of which saturated 0,0g
CARBS 0,4g of which sugars 0,4g
FIBER 5,8g
SALT 1,87g

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