Cocktails with Sweet Drop Peppers

Sweet Drop Peppers


Our Aperitivo Italiano teardrop chilli peppers are made with exceptional varieties of very colourful, small and decorative berries. The fruits are incredibly sweet, with few seeds, ideal for an aperitif, snack and hors d’oeuvre.

Everyone will love these teardrop peppers, including the ladies, because they are moreish rather than spicy. We have preserved them in a sweet and sour pickle with pineapple, for a truly amazing and very modern flavour.

Perfectly mixed sweetness and spiciness, as in an original cocktail.

These chilli peppers go very well with all the oil and sweet-and-sour pickles we produce for your aperitifs at home, such as grilled peppers, grilled button mushrooms, whole artichokes, Boretta Shallots. Arrange a platter of mixed sweet-and-sour pickles, for an aperitif that is delicious as well as beautiful, next to some nice Carasau and Guttiau Sardinian bread and crunchy breadsticks.

Serve colourful drinks to your friends, based on fruity flavours mixed with sparkling and brut wines, such as a Kir Royal or a more traditional Spritzer or even a prosecco with a bit of orange juice. If you would like to try your hand at a fruity cocktail, we recommend a Sex on the Beach or a Cosmopolitan. For a drier taste with gin notes, we recommend pairing with a Martini cocktail.

AVERAGE NUTRITIONAL values per 100g of product

185KJ/44KCAL0,2g of which saturated 0,0g8,6g of which sugars 8,0g1,4g0,5g1,71g
FATS0,2g of which saturated 0,0g
CARBS8,6g of which sugars 8,0g

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