Recipes with Artichokes with Fine Herbs

Artichokes with Fine Herbs


Fine artichokes from the Mediterranean area with extra virgin olive oil, ready to be savoured in any season. Processed fresh, they retain the noble taste of the artichoke and are artfully seasoned, with spices and fresh herbs, providing the typical flavour of classic Italian recipes.

They can be eaten cold for an excellent side dish or a truly special appetiser. They can also be added to stir-fries, with beef strips or diced chicken breast, resulting in the complex taste of an expertly cooked dish.

The convenience of a ready vegetable on a supermarket shelf rarely assures the same flavour and care, so it is heartily recommended. Reward yourselves with tasty products, rely on Polli quality, who has been processing the best artichokes for years and knows how to prepare them for you.


AVERAGE NUTRITIONAL values per 100g of product

475KJ/115KCAL10,0g of which saturated 5,6g2,4g of which sugars 0,6g4,0g1,9g1,72g
FATS10,0g of which saturated 5,6g
CARBS2,4g of which sugars 0,6g

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