Olive Nere Denocciolate

Black Pitted Olives

The trays of Polli olives are one of our best-selling items, precisely because of their practicality: our best Spanish black olives, with a robust and natural flavor, pitted and packaged in a practical tray, to be used wherever you want, to prepare or cooking dishes. The 80 g format, in fact, is ideal for use outside the home, when you don’t want to move forward.

Always having them at home is a must, because they are a simple idea to customize salads without exaggerating the calories and quickly start an aperitif before a Sunday lunch, with a sparkling non-alcoholic or a glass of very cold prosecco.

In addition, they are ideal for giving flavor to a stewed or baked meat or fish recipe.

Also excellent for sprinting a vegetable recipe: put broccoli in florets in a pan with plenty of extra virgin olive oil, add a little salt and sprinkle with oregano, then add halved cherry tomatoes and many black Polli olives. In the oven for 40 minutes; let cool and you will have a side dish with a Mediterranean and delicious flavor.