Dried And Sliced Tomatoes

Our delicious Polli dried and sliced tomatoes are perfect for adding an extra layer of flavour to your dishes!
When they arrive on your table, they have already been rehydrated: the longest stage in the preparation of excellent dried tomatoes is actually carried out slowly by our experts, achieving the right level of hydration.
They are also marinated, using a simple marinade recipe that helps to preserve and enhance the authentic taste of the tomatoes.
To ensure that every slice is tasty and flavoursome, our tomatoes are cut into slices immediately after drying, and are then stored without oil to ensure that they are ready for use right away.
This means you can allow your palate to savour their purity without any other unwanted flavours, as they are free from preservatives.
Our tomatoes are sold in two single tubs of 60g, made from recyclable plastic. This lightweight and convenient format can be stored in your kitchen cupboard: there is no glass, no oil – only the ingredient you need for your recipe!