Recipes with Oil Pickled Artichoke Segments Polli

Oil Pickled Artichoke Segments Polli

“...scale by scale we undress this delight we munch the peaceful paste of its green heart.”

This is one extract from Pablo Neruda’s Ode to the artichoke, a wonderful poem dedicated to this vegetable with a gratifying flavour.

We have always selected the best Italian artichokes, which have always had the best quality standards, to offer their whole flavour. Processed fresh, they are preserved very simply, with no frills, to preserve as much as possible the fresh vegetable flavour.

In this version they are cut into small wedges, for a classic-tasting appetiser, easy to pick from a small bowl with cocktail forks or to give a chef’s touch to a home-made focaccia or in a rice salad, for artichoke lovers. In this product, simplicity is combined with naturalness and the exceptional quality of Italian artichokes.

AVERAGE NUTRITIONAL values per 100g of product

388KJ/94KCAL8,8g of which saturated 1,0g0,5g of which sugars 0,3g3,3g1,5g1,41g
FATS8,8g of which saturated 1,0g
CARBS0,5g of which sugars 0,3g

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