Taste of Salt, Flavor of the sea...
Taste of Riso Più!

Riso più
with Wurstel


The summer salads are delicious and special. But you don't always have time to invent something new, that's why we thought about it. Try our mix of sausages and vegetables, you'll be seasoned!

Riso più
with Vegetables


A mixture of tender and delicate vegetables, ready to be poured on rice. A new recipe without oil, to enrich according to your taste or to taste in all its lightness.

Riso più
with Tuna


Tuna is the first thing you think of when you think of a rice salad. Selected and appetizing tuna fillets will enrich this recipe with Mediterranean flavor, along with the vegetables.

Riso più
16 vegetables


A super green rice salad with 16 different seasonal vegetables. Peppers, carrots, mushrooms, olives... come and discover which other vegetables will flavour your rice!