Recipes with Riso Più No Oil with Tofu

Riso Più No Oil with Tofu


The good thing about cooking is being able to experiment with new combinations and new flavours, to spice up the classic recipes in our repertoire. Polli is keen on providing its consumers with new inspiration and has therefore developed new RisoPiù recipes, one of which contains Tofu. This is a plant-based cheese made from soy-milk: it has a fresh flavour, high protein content, modest carbohydrate and polyunsaturated fats content.

The ideal product if you dare tasting something new. A tasty and enticing innovation in keeping with the tradition of a regular feature on Italian tables, now in a version suited to your vegan friends!

Make a rice salad with RisoPiù with tofu, dress it with extra virgin olive oil and also make tasty bruschettas with our vegan 4e4orto, which you may also use to dress a pasta bursting with goodness. You will make a splash!

AVERAGE NUTRITIONAL values per 100g of product

252KJ/60KCAL2,8g of which saturated 0,4g5,0 of which sugars 3,6g2,4g2.6g2,05g
FATS2,8g of which saturated 0,4g
CARBS5,0 of which sugars 3,6g

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