Recipes with Riso Più No Oil

Riso Più No Oil

The whole flavour of vegetables, but with the option of customising the seasoning or choosing the type of oil: rice oil, soy oil, extra virgin olive oil... for your very own rice salad! Some people dress a rice salad with lemon juice or vinegar, some prefer a more robust-tasting extra virgin olive oil, and some love dressing it with a bit of freshly made mayonnaise instead of oil: RisoPiù no oil meets with everyone’s approval.

You can make excellent single-portion rice salads that everyone will dress in their own plate to their own taste, or make the rice salad with RisoPiù no oil and dress it with your favourite condiment.

Who ever said a dish has to be privative? All the flavour of vegetables and the freedom to dress them as you like.


AVERAGE NUTRITIONAL values per 100g of product

191KJ/46KCAL1,7g of which saturated 0,3g5,1g of which sugars 4,1g2,8g1,1g2,5g
FATS1,7g of which saturated 0,3g
CARBS5,1g of which sugars 4,1g

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