Sliced Artichokes

Our Polli sliced artichokes are simply stored to give you an authentic and unique flavour, which marries perfectly with traditional Italian recipes. 
Artichoke is a flavoursome and surprisingly versatile ingredient but cleaning it takes time, limiting our opportunities to use it: because of this, our sliced artichokes are carefully and delicately washed and cleaned, saving you time. 
There’s no need to thaw or cook these artichokes: our chefs have already taken care of this, searing them at just the right temperature to make them soft and tasty. 
Our artichokes are divided into wedges that are ready to add to your dishes, all of which are equally flavoursome and meaty. In addition, they are stored without oil to ensure that they are ready for use and to preserve their purity. 
They are available in two single tubs of 60g, made from recyclable plastic: a 
practical format that you can keep in your kitchen cupboard. No glass, no oil – only the ingredient you need for your recipe!