This is the threesome that will make you want seconds!

Now Available: a new way to enjoy the taste of olives!
A small moment of pleasure, great taste to discover.
Take the unique goodness of our best pitted and already-drained olives with you always and treat yourself with a delicious break whenever and wherever you want!
As a snack, starter or aperitif, Subito Pronte Polli olives are practical and truly irresistible.
Three pitted varieties, already drained and taste immediately!


Nocellara Olives

Three pitted and already-drained varieties right for any moment! A good Italian starter? You need Nocellara Olives and nothing else.


Leccino Olives

Small and delicious:  delightfully tasty morsels. Perfect for a tasty snack.


Calabrese Olives

Spicy, plump and deliciously tempting. You can't eat just one! Captivate your guests and serve an unforgettable starter.