Recipes with Gherkins in Vinegar Polli

Gherkins in Vinegar Polli

They must always be stocked in the pantry! That crunchy, vinegary, fresh flavour never disappoints! They are exceptional with a salami board, because they help clean the taste buds in between tastings. That is exactly why gherkins are served even in the best restaurants, together with cold cuts: they serve the same purpose as pickled ginger in Japanese cuisine, that is, changing the taste in the diner’s mouth to prepare them for the new flavour.

They go well with bresaola, coppa, pancetta, but they are also ideal partners of tuna and mackerel in oil, as well as all the creative salad recipes with fresh vegetables.

Our gherkins are fantastic with an aperitif of prosecco, with a light orange-flavoured spritzer, with some classic crisps, savoury and straightforward.

They are an essential ingredient in French salads: their sour taste offsets the enveloping taste of mayonnaise and enhances the texture of boiled vegetables. Perfect also for carving into small decorations.

For a fantastic spread, use a mezzaluna knife to mince lots of gherkins, a can of tuna after draining and a little cold butter. Mix well and serve on croutons: everyone will love your appetisers!

AVERAGE NUTRITIONAL values per 100g of product

126KJ/30KCAL 0,1g
of which saturated 0g
of which sugars 4,9g
0,9g 0,8g 1,23g
FATS 0,1g
of which saturated 0g
CARBS 5,1g
of which sugars 4,9g
FIBER 0,9g
SALT 1,23g

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