Recipes with Mixed Pickle Polli

Mixed Pickle Polli

Polli’s mixed pickle brings to your aperitif or hors d’oeuvre a range of natural yet bold flavours, that go well with diced cheese or salami, washed down with a sparkling wine and a chat with friends.

It is the queen of ingredients to make delicious French salads, fancy aperitifs for friends and family, simple hors d’oeuvres that meet everyone’s approval.

The Mixed Pickle originated as a peasants’ dish, as a way of preserving the fresh summer bounty of vegetables, that were then eaten in winter when the garden was dormant. Today it is more of a treat than a functional product, as fresh vegetables are available all year round.

Polli’s Mixed Pickle is a traditional product that is always part of an authentic Italian-style aperitif: together with cold cuts and fresh cheeses, it also turns into a cheerful and refreshing second course, to be savoured in summer evening or on holiday, or as a side to boiled meat.

Either as an ingredient or side dish it has few calories and packs a punch in terms of flavour. For example, to make a delicious French salad, open a jar of Polli’s Mixed Pickle, drain it and dice it, with patience, to release the whole natural flavour of the vegetables. That operation alone is mouth-watering. Make a simple home-made mayonnaise, with extra virgin olive oil, fresh eggs and a little lemon juice and mix it with the diced Mixed Pickle, diced boiled potatoes and boiled peas. Mix well. Let it stand for about an hour so that all the flavours of the different ingredients combine. If you want to make your French salad even more appetising and fit for an aperitif at home with friends, also add some slices of boiled egg.

AVERAGE NUTRITIONAL values per 100g of product

78KJ/19KCAL 0,2g
of which saturated 0g
of which sugars 1,9g
2,2g 0,1g 1,29g
FATS 0,2g
of which saturated 0g
CARBS 2,2g
of which sugars 1,9g
FIBER 2,2g
SALT 1,29g

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