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The simplest ingredients, the tastiest ideas


Without the formality of a seated dinner, with tablecloth and napkins, an aperitif is an easy way to spend time with friends, even at home: a few fancy dishes and a bottle of fine wine to be shared with gusto. Choose one of the recipes we suggest, to be made with our delicious products: serve yummy pickles and preserves and tasty bruschettas in a variety of flavours.


The start of a meal, that dish everyone is looking forward to… must be tasty and fancy and whet everyone’s appetite. There are never enough ideas to cook something new, original and never-before tasted. Choose from our tips and you will make hors d’oeuvres worthy of a chef.


A nice dish of properly dressed pasta is always appreciated! We cook it so often that sometimes we need a new recipe to brighten up the usual pasta. Our recipes, based on our products, are natural, simple to make but… they will make a lot of difference at the table!


The test bench of second courses is often the most challenging: we offer innovative recipes with creative ideas to make simple and original meat and fish courses. Choose the recipe and make your favourite dish with love, confident in the result, and you will shine.


Single dishes are becoming increasingly popular on Italian tables as well, especially during the week, when people are short on time to make lunch or dinner, or when they want to stay fit and eat well without overdoing it. Our recipes will give you new ideas for excellent, original single dishes that will be appreciated by all.


The weekend is sacred and you should have a lie-in, then indulge yourself with a late brunch! Everyone loves it because it has a variety of dishes, sweet and savoury, all fresh and appetising: choose some of the delicious recipes we recommend and you will be up to the task.


You certainly can’t start bingeing on high-calorie count snacks. Here are some appetising recipes for original snacks based on our products and your love of cooking. Either savoury or sweet, they are simple yet delicious, and will reward your efforts.


Spring brings opportunities for a day outing with family and friends. For the little ones, being able to play outside and nibble without having to sit at the table is pure joy; for grown-ups it is an opportunity for relaxing in the sun, without a care in the world. Make delicious cold dishes, using all the natural and moreish flavours of our products.