Vegan salad with tofu Riso Piu’


Basmati Rice 150 g
Risopiù (1 jar) 180g drained
Chives 10 blades
soy (sprouts) 10 sprouts
Fine salt to taste


To make the classic rice salad start preparing the ingredients for the dressing: Open and drain the 2 jars of Tofu Risopiù.

When the dressing is ready make the rice: bring salted water to the boil and add the rice. When the rice is done, drain it. Then combine the rice to the dressing you have prepared. Finally add the chives and chopped bean sprouts. Mix the ingredients well (14). Cover the bowl with film (15) and keep the salad in the fridge so the rice soaks in all the flavours. Enjoy your rice salad with tofu cold.