Gin and Tonic

Gin and Tonic:

Gin and Tonic is the perfect example of balance, mainly thanks to its flavours: clear, bold and essential.
Quinine, the quintessential bitter, is so sharp it is the reference in the scale for measuring bitterness.
This worthy pairing cannot but have an equally bold personality: Melimangio Superhot Cherry Chilli Peppers, the appetiser for the bold, with an intense flavour, so hot it might also be used as reference, in the scale measuring spiciness!
The no-frills, strong-tasting chilli will enhance the balance of your cocktail so you can fully enjoy its essentialness.
Let your core be touched by the intensity of this pairing!




Video Cocktail Recipe:

Our bartenders show you how to prepare the Gin Tonic with Super Hot Round Peppers