The heart of Hugo is one and super sparkling: Prosecco. Zingy and sparkling, it comes from the Veneto region to cheer up all aperitif glasses worldwide.
And where can a worthy companion be found if not in the same region, in Veneto?
Melimangio recommends pairing it with Grilled Radicchio and Walnuts: red radicchio, a speciality from the Veneto with a fully-rounded and slightly bitter taste, meets the crunchiness of walnuts in this moreish appetiser.
Close your eyes and get ready for a journey among the flavours offered by Venice, Padua and Treviso. Let yourselves be enveloped by the spark of this pairing!




Video Cocktail Recipe:

Our bartenders show you how to prepare Hugo with Grilled Red Chicory with Walnuts