Mention the word Margarita and your thoughts fly to a special place: Mexico, which conquers everyone with its history and colours.
The pairing for this cocktail comes from another southern land, with an equally interesting history: Nocellara Olives with Peppers Julienne. Straight from Trinacria, Nocellara olives bring to your aperitif the whole flavour of a Sicilian summer!
Get ready to witness the match of two fascinating southern lands!
The full-bodied flavour of olives and the sweetness of bell peppers will envelop the tequila of your Margarita to bring you the flavour of the warm sun.
Are you ready to turn your siesta into a rainbow of flavours?




Video Cocktail Recipe:

Our bartenders show you how to prepare
the Margarita with Nocellara Olives with Sliced Peppers