Martini Dry

Martini Dry:

The Martini Dry, elegant and refined, has a dry and strong flavour, especially appreciated by the most demanding palates.
With Melimangio you will finally be able to soften the flavour of your Martini Dry with the perfect pairing.
Pair the Martini Dry with the Grilled Button Mushrooms with Bell Peppers Julienne and enjoy the delicate pairing, the tenderness of the mushrooms combines with the sweetness of the peppers, turning your cocktail into a marriage of perfectly balanced flavours.
Enjoy the fullest Martini Dry you have ever savoured thanks to the magic touch of Melimangio!




Video Cocktail Recipe:

Our bartenders show you how to prepare
the Dry Martini with Grilled Mushrooms with sliced Peppers