Negroni has a story to tell.
Born from a reinvention of a great classic, Americano, with the addition of a special touch: gin replaces soda, giving rise to a cocktail with a dry and pleasantly balanced flavour.
Thanks to Melimangio, Negroni now also has a worthy companion, with an equally interesting history: Spicy Bella di Cerignola Olives, another great classic reinvented by Melimangio in a spicy version.
Bella di Cerignola Olives, fleshy and crunchy, retain their typical sweet-savoury taste and, thanks to the addition of chilli peppers, their taste is renewed, offering an unusual flavour to your taste buds.
Immerse yourselves in the history of two iconic typical flavours with Melimangio!




Video Cocktail Recipe:

Our bartenders show you how to prepare the Negroni with Hot Olives Belle di Cerignola