Simply Polli

Who We Were

Founded in 1872 thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Fausto Polli, the company quickly became a leader in the preserved vegetable sector, advancing to the forefront of the national and international market. With a presence in 55 countries worldwide, its vision is based on consistency between company values, the quality of its ingredients and products and its ability to meet consumers’ needs.

Who We Are Today

Today, the Polli group has four state-of-the-art facilities, models of efficiency, technology and flexibility. It processes more than 130 raw materials each year, producing approximately 25,000 tonnes of vegetables and more than 110 million packages. Its extremely wide range of products is able to meet the most diverse consumer needs.

We Assure Quality

The Group’s control over the entire production process, careful selection of raw materials, advanced packaging systems and wide range of products typical of traditional Italian cuisine are clear signs of the quality and passion that Polli has always had for its business, making it one of the foremost companies in the Italian and international agri-food industry. To ensure these quality standards are met, the company carries out thousands of inspections each year and our experts continuously monitor each stage of the production cycle.

Our Certifications

Three important achievements bear witness to Polli’s focus on quality: UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification of our quality management system, the international BRC Global Food Standard and IFS, the International Food Standard, obtained at an advanced level, which certify that stringent hygiene and safety checks have been passed.

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