Our Values

Producers of Values

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Excellence starts from who we are!

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Consistent Quality


From the land to our hands, and from our hands to your table. We have always produced respecting nature and its rhythms. The ingredients of Polli products are selected and checked so that each jar and bowl offers all the Made In Italy quality that we have stood out for since 1872. What is more, for us quality also means excellence of flavour and recipes, ready to include new ingredients and condiments packed full with creativity.

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Significant Innovation


We use the most modern technologies to process 25 thousand tonnes of vegetables and produce more than 110 million packages each year. And each year, we strive to achieve more through product innovation: because the most rewarding success is the one still beyond our grasp. The desire for innovation is in our genes, adhering to the needs of our Italian and international consumers, increasingly steering towards the directions our brand stands for: flavour, quality, well-being and conviviality.

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Food Safety


Quality and innovation are only achieved by controlling every stage of the production cycle. Each year we carry out a high number of checks to assure the utmost quality of your dishes. The care and attention we devote every day to our work have earned us the most important quality certifications.

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We have received the prestigious ISCC certification (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) and one of our missions is to promote renewable energy produced from plant biomass. Sustainability for us is also a commitment towards our customers – for over 20 years we have been supplying the main national and international distributors – as well as our employees and our families.

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Supply Chain Control


To ensure our products are excellent and always up to the standards required by your dishes, we select suppliers on the basis of the traditionally native regions of each of our ingredients. We use as many as 41 varieties of vegetables, 85% of which are grown in open fields, respecting rhythms and seasons, as required by nature and promoting the processing of fresh produce. What is more, for our products we always prefer the best Italian ingredients, such as artichokes from the Puglia region and Sicily, carrots from the Fucino area, mushrooms from Treviso farms, basil from Liguria. With many of our suppliers we have had ongoing partnerships for over 30 years, to guarantee the quality of the ingredients and control over the supply chain, which has always been one of our company’s strengths.

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