Our history

The fairytale of Polli, an Italian brand that made history
Fausto Polli

Produces and packages typical specialties of the Italian culinary tradition. In the years preceding the unification of Italy, modern needs and requirements began to assert themselves and food production began using the technologies of the time, in particular those of food preservation. Realizing the potential of the canned market, Fausto Polli begins to invest in the cultivation and conservation of tomatoes.

Unmistakably Polli

In those years, literacy was still low and many people were unable to distinguish the products they wanted to buy. That is why, to make them unmistakable, the first Polli-branded stockfish and tomato preserves started being sold in the famous “eagle box”, which soon became a symbol for quality on all Italian tables.

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The first Polli outlet finally opened in the very heart of Milan

That year, a craftsman’s passion turned into an actual legal entity. The Polli company was formally born. A family’s commitment took on the shape of a tangible business project, and very soon, a successful industrial enterprise.