Our Sustainable projects

Protection of forests and trails with Fedabo

Polli participates in the Fedabo Ecosystem project to contribute to the protection of the forest and river ecosystem of Valle Camonica and the surrounding valleys.

The project aims to enhance the Camunian territory and the Oglio river ecosystem from an ecological and naturalistic point of view.

In particular, Polli supported the management of a 200m2 wooded area (area n°61) within the broader project for the protection of the wooded area of Gianico (BS), in the Strada dei Tedeschi area, which extends over 30,000 m2.

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Polli collaborates with Agricolus and the Il Buongusto agricultural company (VR) to optimize the consumption of water and fertilizers in the cultivation basil, for healthier and stronger plants.

Thanks to Agricolus, the company will exploit the irrigation forecast model to distribute the right amount of water and reduce waste, and will develop prescription maps for variable rate fertilization, optimizing and reducing the use of fertilizers.

With the Orto in città project, Polli becomes an ambassador of all the amazing benefits that nature offers us.
Now in its second edition, Orto in Città is a real place of meeting and discovery, a cultural and aggregation project to spread innovative ideas related to sustainability that bring the profound relationship between city and nature to life in the hearts of participants.

Workshops for adults and children and outdoor picnics were hosted in 2023 by Cascina Cuccagna in Milan from 11 June to 8 October.

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A long story of love for the Earth and its fruits.

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The protection of bees and biodiversity Join us

Adopting a beehive means making a concrete gesture for the protection of bees and terrestrial biodiversity. Bees are fundamental to our life: it is they who, thanks to pollination, allow us to have more than 75% of the food on our tables.

Thanks to the collaboration with Beeing, Polli has adopted five hives from the Tuscan beekeeper Clarissa Bitossi, a graduate in Animal Production Sciences and Technologies.

Green server with low environmental impact

Our digital activities also produce CO2 and have an impact on the environment.
For this reason Polli has decided to move the hosting of the and website to a green server, which uses only energy from 100% certified renewable sources for its maintenance.

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Social sustainability

Polli supports local communities in moments of difficluty. Among its charitable initiatives, it collaborates with various non-profit organizations, including Banco Alimentare Toscana.


Since 2022, Polli has donated more than 168,869 products to Banco Alimentare Toscana, of which almost 11,400 products to support the communities affected by the recent flood.


In 2023, the Polli 1872 play area was inaugurated in Monsummano Terme, headquarters of F.lli Polli SpA, an area equipped with games and rides where the youngest children of the local Tuscan community can play in the open air and in contact with the nature.