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For an Aperitif

The aperitif is the occasion for friends to gather, have a chat and enjoy delicious titbits, and doing that at home is even more enticing! Make your happy hour more gourmet, choose the new Polli MeliMangio range of delicious appetisers: 12 appetising combinations of vegetables and flavours designed to satisfy all tastes!

For a Picnic

Open air, sunshine, friends and merry laughter are the perfect ingredients for a picnic at the park. Sunbathing on the lawn, while enjoying a light meal of a lovely rice salad or fresh and crunchy bruschettas in good company. With the RisoPiù products and all the Polli Oil Pickles, unleash your imagination and create appetising picnic baskets to be shared with all your friends in a flash.

For a Brunch

Colour your weekend and make your Sunday brunch fanciful with the new Polli Melimangio range: tasty specialities with all of our intense Italian fragrance and taste. Artichokes, olives, mushrooms, tomatoes, bell peppers... the whole gamut of colours and flavours that will turn your brunches into a flavour-fest!

For Single Dishes

You are running out of time and making lunch is only added stress? With Polli No Oil products you can enjoy appetising, natural-tasting and light dishes with no effort: from hors d’oeuvres with Italian vegetables, to salads, to single as well as unique dishes. And if you are a pasta lover, unleash your greediness with Polli Sauces. There's something to suit everybody's fancy!

For Hors d'Oeuvres

The starter is the most anticipated moment of a lunch or dinner. ‘It opens the ball’ but if it is boring there is a risk of displeasing guests. It takes very little indeed to spice up a family meal. What? Unique, cheerful and varied products, just like the Polli Oil Pickles, to create a myriad of multicolour starters and give zest to your table. Who’s going to stop now?

For Pasta Courses

Dress it as you like, but pasta is always pasta: the scent of garlic, the creaminess of pesto, the freshness of basil. To enrich your pasta dishes, choose Polli Condiments and Vegan 4e4orto Sauces: easy, quick and deliciously perfect... Indeed for all!

For Second Courses

Be it meat or fish, it doesn't matter: the second course is the most counted upon dish of a meal and needs to be nutritious, appetising yet light. Your imagination is unbridled with Polli Vinegar Pickles and Sweet-n-Sour Pickles. The delicate flavour of our vegetables is suitable for cooking your own recipes or to serve as fresh side dishes.

For Snacks

Who doesn’t like having a snack during a break from work or study? We all let ourselves be tempted, but often there is nothing in the pantry that is appetising yet light enough for our cravings. With our products, you can enjoy a delicious toasted sandwich with a vegetable filling and even bake surprising, vegetable-flavoured cheesecakes.

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