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The aperitif is a moment of relaxation that should be enjoyed with friends. Prepare delicious appetizers with Melimangio products, for a homemade, well made aperitif. 16 delicious recipes to enjoy while sipping a good cocktail and you'll see that your friends no longer want to leave.



A picnic is what it takes for a pleasant day outdoors. Red and white placemat, a ball and the right company. Don't forget the trashcan! Rice salad, bruschette, sandwiches: with RisoPiù and Oil Pickles Polli, you have all the help for a surprisingly tasty picnic. Prepare the trashcan



Is it too late for breakfast and too early for lunch? Brunch is the solution. With Oil Pickles Arte Italiana you can add a touch of Italy to your brunch. Try them with our recipes or taste them for yourself if you want to stay light: you'll be the protagonist of the Renaissance flavour.



Are you tired and have little imagination to cook? Try our recipes and create unique and imaginative dishes. With NoOlium Polli, your salad can also have a new life! If you want a nice plate of pasta, rice or maybe even a couscous, with the Condiments Polli, you'll get to the table right away.

Hors d’Oeuvres


The Hors d’Oeuvres stimulate the appetite and prepare the best of the palate before a meal ... and are the emblem of Italianity at the table! Creative and ingenious, traditional or innovative, it's important that they're tempting and appetizing. With the Polli Vinegar and Sweet-and-Sour Pickles you'll always have the security to put on the table tasty and tasty appetizers to make the water come!

First Courses


We Italians without pasta cannot just stand by! Something tasty can be prepared in just a short while, but the right ingredients are needed. Enjoy original and fast recipes with Polli Condiments and Vegan Sauces 4e4orto, your first courses will become unsurpassed!

Second Courses


Second courses are the most fun to prepare. Meat or fish is indifferent, the important thing is to create something appetizing but light. Let yourself be tempted by the delicate flavour of our recipes based on Vinegar and Sweet-and-Sour Pickles Polli, cooking will have a different flavour!



A snack is what it takes to recharge your batteries on a tiring day. Treat yourself to a delicious treat, be tempted by our light recipes such as toast with vegetables and bruschettas, or prepare a creamy cheesecake to recharge your batteries!

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