Basil certified supply chain

The innovation and the quality of raw materials are the strengths that define Polli history and entrepreneurial successes. This important certification represents a further guarantee for our customers because the food product that is purchased is the result of a process managed and controlled right from the origin and along the entire supply chain.

Manuela Polli, Corporate Strategy&Development director of Polli Spa

What is a supply chain and what does it mean to certify a supply chain?

The term agri-food supply chain refers to the cluster of actors who contribute to the production of a certein food until its delivery to the consumer.


The supply chain is defined as CERTIFIED only when it is evaluated by an external controller after a verification on a voluntary basis, which certifies its quality, safety and reliability during periodic checks.

What are the benefits?

The consumer is thus sure of buying a product obtained from a process managed and controlled from the very origin and along the entire supply chain and which is managed by suppliers and intermediaries who share the principles of the supply chain.

Our Code of Ethics

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New Polli pestos with 100% Italian basil

POLLI pestos are born from a careful selection of the best raw materials and from a long tradition of experience and passion for Italian cuisine. Scented fresh basil, 100% Italian from a certified supply chain, cold worked within 24 hours of harvesting, with Italian cheeses and pine nuts selected to respect the traditional recipe.

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High quality ingredients
Cold processed basil within 24h
Italian cheeses
Selected pine nuts