Pepper certified supply chain

Quality, from field to jar

Our pestos and vegetable preserves are prepared with 100% Italian peppers, grown and harvested by supply chain farms.
The pepper is processed fresh within 24 hours of harvesting and immediately transported to our factories.
This is why our peppers are fleshy and have an intense flavour.

Certified traceability

Polli is the leader of the supply chain and defines the regulations that all players in the supply chain must respect, from sowing to production.

Our certifications are issued by CSQA, a leading body in Italy in the agri-food certification sector.

The Polli pepper supply chain is certified CSQA – ISO22005 cert. n. 80596 – DTP035 cert. n. 80597.

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A long story of love for the Earth and its fruits.

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Polli Pesto alla calabrese

Polli pestos are born from a careful selection of the best raw materials and from a long tradition of experience and passion for Italian cuisine. Our Calabrian Pesto is prepared with succulent Italian peppers from a controlled supply chain, fresh ricotta and extra virgin olive oil. For an original pesto pasta with a spicy note.

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Italian pepper from certified supply chain
Fresh ricotta
Extra virgin olive oil
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