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Grilled Peppers
The flavour of fleshy grilled peppers, in the most beautiful colours nature has to offer: orange, red and yellow, the colours of the sun.

Perfect grilling makes this product just as perfect for your hors d’oeuvres at home or for a summery side dish, to remind you of dinner parties al fresco and barbecues. Our peppers are the ideal companions of a slice of charred bread, to serve a healthy and fancy appetiser or to garnish your favourite hamburger, or for a Mediterranean-flavoured sandwich.

Grilled peppers are the best to enhance all the taste of roast meat, barbecued chops, sausages, but also add flavour to chicken breast or a serving of creamy robiola.

We recommend our grilled peppers also paired with diced pork loin tossed in a pan: after cooking it in extra virgin olive oil, add salt and a jar of our peppers with a bit of their sauce. Stir the ingredients and heat through. Remove from the heat and add a bit of fresh thyme for a gourmet dish, utterly unforgettable.

Average nutritional values for 100g of product

Energy value



0,3g of which saturates 0,1g


4,2g of which sugars 4,0g







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