Pesti and Condiments
Pesto alla genovese BIO
The Pesto alla genovese Polli BIO is made strictly with ingredients from selected organic crops. The great taste of fresh basil BIO, is thanks to our exclusive processing technique, combined with Italian cheeses DOP and BIO... to find ready on the table the authentic Genovese pesto!

Ideal with gnocchi and half-penne rigate from durum wheat, it becomes a dish from a cooking book. To create a really extraordinary dish, combine fresh truffles, potatoes, green beans and add grated Parmigiano Reggiano abundantly. Prepare it for an informal dinner on the terrace, by the sea, in summer and enjoy its fresh scent, the classic flavor that you expect from a pesto like homemade, as it used to be.

A great classic of Italian regional cuisine, organic pesto alla genovese is really liked by everyone.
The Pesto alla genovese Polli BIO is the ideal ingredient for appetizing summer pasta dishes or to enrich your winter soups. In Liguria, in fact, pesto is a fundamental ingredient of vegetable soup, because it gives the soup that fresh summer flavor.

Average nutritional values for 100g of product

Energy value

kJ 1483 kcal 360


g 35 of which satures g 4,6


g 3,8 of which sugars g 2,3




g 5,7


g 2,62

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