No oil
Puglia Artichokes
Puglia is the land of artichokes and the best varieties have always been grown in this region, thanks to its magnificent climate close to the sea and fertile soil in the internal flatlands. We have chosen these artichokes for this simple, no-oil recipe so as to enhance the natural flavour of this invaluable vegetable.

Our Puglia artichokes are so nice there is no need for oil, they can be savoured on their own, in a rich salad or dressed with your favourite oil, a delicate or robust one.

We bring to your table the perfect outcome of wholesomeness, control over the supply chain, product quality, flavour and healthiness.

Tender, soft, with a velvety flavour, once the jar is opened you will eat them all and with no sense of guilt, because they are low in calories and extremely rich in minerals. Eat them whenever, because they are delicious.

Average nutritional values for 100g of product

Energy value



0,2g of which saturates 0,1g


3,6g of which sugars 1,8g







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