Oil pickles and hors d’oeuvre
Sun-dried tomato slices
Sun-dried tomato slices are hard to turn down: they bring out the flavours in salads, seasonings, sandwiches, and can even be enjoyed on their own. Tasty, crisp, full-flavoured, and cut so that every slice is a masterpiece of taste!

Our chefs advice: gourmet sun-dried tomato panino
A super-quick sandwich for anyone who loves the fresh, wholesomeness of a nutritious sandwich. Ingredients: bread, 2 slices of ham, 50g of stracchino cheese, 5 slices of sun-dried tomatoes. Spread the stracchino cheese on the bread, add the ham and sun-dried tomatoes. If you like, you can add a leaf of fresh lettuce and a sprinkle of pepper.

Average nutritional values for 100g of product

Energy value

863 kJ / 202kcal


g 14,9 of which satures g 1,6


g 9,9 of which sugars g 7,7







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