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Pesto alla genovese with taggiasca olives
Polli's PESTO ALLA GENOVESE WITH TAGGIASCA OLIVES stems from a long-standing, passionate, and traditional Italian cuisine. Fresh aromatic Basil, 100% Italian, used fresh within 24 hours of harvesting, with the finest Taggiasca Olives, extra virgin olive oil, and PDO cheese, bringing the flavours of the Ligurian Riviera to your plate.

This particular twist on the classic pesto alla Genovese was inspired by travelling around Liguria discovering the harmonies of the flavours and fruits from the region.
Taggiasca Olives are typical of Ponente in Liguria's Imperia Provence. Their name comes from the town Taggia which they were brought to by St. Colomban monks. This variety has become one of the most renowned for producing extra virgin olive oil and one of the best olives to share with friends because the fruit, despite being smaller, is one of the most flavoursome in the world.

Average nutritional values for 100g of product

Energy value

1867 kJ/452 kcal


44g of which satures 5,2g


8,4g of which sugars 4,7g







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